Purge Downloaded Customer Logs Regularly Using Cron
October 13, 2022 . computer

As a support engineer, it is a good habit and maybe even a company policy to delete customer logs downloaded to local PCs/laptops once they are no longer needed. Instead of doing this manaually periodically, you can set up a cron job similar to the following to do that.

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Understanding Wildcard in LDAP Search
December 15, 2021 . computer

Asterisk (*) is wildly used as a wildcard card in regular express (regexp) matching and file name matching. So it is not a suprise at all that many expect it works the same way when put into a LDAP search filter. However, it may give surprising search results at times. More specifically, sometimes the filter does not match any entries while it should. This blog is to help you understand the reason of it and use * in LDAP searches correctly.

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