11 December 2015


Above picture illustrates the basic work flow of software development using git + gerrit. Below are some frequently used commands for your reference.

Clone repository
Copying the hook script allows git to create a unique ID for each commit. That ID is correlated with gerrit review topics.
Commit locally
It is highly recommended to run git status and git diff --cached etc. between git add xxx and git commit to ensure nothing committed inadvertantly.
Run git push origin refs/for/<branch_name> where <branch_name> is your current branch.
Click the "submit" button on corresponding gerrit webpage.
  • NOTE: You may also need to "cherry-pick" the code change to other branches on the same webpage.
The key is to keep commit ID intact. Most times, this is done by simply git add what we've changed per review and run git commit --amend.
Update local repository
git pull --rebase.
  • The option --rebase is the key to pull new code to local without creating a "merge …" commit.
  • Actually, you may rebase your code whenever you want (so long as you commit all your changes locally).

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