Compiling in Emacs

1 The "Normal" Way to Compile C++ Code in Linux(?)

  1. Open two terminals, one for compilation, the other for editing.
  2. Run compile command in one terminal and redirect compilation output to a file.
  3. Open the file and manually screen the output.
  4. Once spotted a compilation error,
    1. Remember the file name and line number
    2. Switch to the other terminal
    3. Open corresponding file and jump to the designated line.
  5. Sometimes, spend a lot of time debugging since forget to save before compile

2 The Emacs Way

2.1 Run M-x compile when you want to compile

You should run the command with the current path the directory makefile. Usually, opening the makefile will do the job


2.2 Press <enter>

Since I configured the default compile command to exactly what I want, no need to type the command for compilation.


2.3 Errors highlighted in a new buffer


2.4 Jump to the error spot

C-x ` (Or just a mouse click).


2.5 Fix error and M-x recompile.


2.6 You will not forget to save your code before compilation

Emacs will prompt you if you hadn't do that before (re)compile.


3 Handling makefiles that change directories

3.1 Some makefiles are annoying since there are "cd" commands.

For example:

  @if ([ ! -d $(patsubst %.subdir,%,$@) ]); then \
      $(ECHO) "*** Error " $(patsubst %.subdir,%,$@);\
      exit 1; \
  @cd $(patsubst %.subdir,%,$@); \
  $(ECHO) "Checking `pwd` for work"; \

3.2 Consequently, C-x ` can not locate errors correctly

since the files are not where shown in the compilation buffer.


3.3 The solution

is straightforward: update the "default-directory" to where the compilation actually happened.

For example, in this example, I know that string "Checking xxx for work" indicates a directory change. So, all that I need to do is to search that backward from the bottom of compilation buffer.

(setq compile-command "make SWATCA=t"
      compilation-scroll-output t)

(define-key compilation-mode-map "r" 'lgfang-relocate-make)
(defun lgfang-relocate-make ()
  "Plexus specific: relocate default-directory according to last
'Checking ... for work'. Dirty but works"
    (goto-char (point-max))
    (message "Relocate `make' to: %s"
             (setq default-directory
                    "Checking *" ""
                     " *for work *" ""
                      (re-search-backward "Checking .* for work")
                      (progn (end-of-line)(point)))))))))

3.4 With above code, every time confronted with such issue, I just press "r" to "relocate"


4 Beyond Compilation

In fact, the compile command can be used to do other things. For instance Unit Test.

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